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About Us

Company information

  • Established in 2002.
  • Management with 40 years experience in packaging & disposables, 20 years in sourcing Asian manufacturers.
  • Office in Sweden and China + warehouse in Sweden
  • Knowledge of Chinese language.

Business concept – Sales

  • Offer a competitive range of disposables and packaging.
  • Direct from manufacturers to wholesalers and big consumers in Scandinavia, Baltic States, north Europe.
  • Small and flexible organization, with focus on sales, customer support and technical information solutions.
  • Co-operation/partnership together with a strategic choice of local wholesalers.

Business concept – Purchase

  • Search competitive groups of products and establish contacts with manufacturers in Asia, through comprehension of culture and tradition.
  • Build up significant trade volume, with focus on growth and profitability, together with a limited number of manufacturers.
  • Create long-term relationships and forecast orders for delivery by container direct to warehouse.
  • Focus on contacts with manufacturers, knowledge of language, logistics, product development and quality control.


  • All products are packed in neutral polybags/boxes/outer cartons and are normally produced to order which makes individual specifications possible, as bulk pack, consumer pack or individual pack.
  • Products are marked/labeled with article no, specification in English, symbol for food-contact with glass/fork and barcode (GTIN).
  • 13-digits barcode (EAN-13) on inner bags/boxes and 14-digits (ITF-14) barcode on outer cartons, which make sales to stores, cash-carry etc possible.


  • ZIP Trading’s products are approved for food contact.

Certificates, statements, test reports etc available on request.

Code of conduct (extract)

  • ZIP Trading AB is a commercial and trading company dealing in disposables and packaging. Appreciative of cultural values and traditions, the company primarily represents Asian producers.
  • ZIP Trading has created a strategic network of diverse interested parties using a business concept based on simplicity, flexibility and accessibility.
  • ZIP Trading’s goal is to reduce global distances by offering an attractive line of competitive products without compromising on quality, product demands, working conditions, employee rights or protection of the environment.
  • The ZIP Trading Code of Conduct describes the requirements and expectations we impose on ourselves as well as on our suppliers and their subcontractors.
  • We expect suppliers to respect the requirements and principles laid out in this Code of Conduct and to actively strive to implement these principles in their own operations.

A complete copy of our Code of Conduct is available on request.